Evaluating the Quality of mHealth Research: the mERA Checklist

Are you conducting or reviewing mHealth research? If so, make sure you consider the following 16 points from the mHealth Evidence Reporting and Assessment (mERA) checklist to assess study quality.  The checklist was written by a convened group of experts from the World Health Organization. Click here for the complete report on mERA guidelines.

  1. Infrastructure: describe, in detail, the necessary infrastructure which was required to enable the operation of the mHealth program.
  2. Technology platform: describe, in sufficient detail to allow replication of the work, the software and hardware combinations used in the program implementation.
  3. Interoperability: describe how, if at all, the mHealth strategy connects to and interacts with national or regional Health Information Systems (HIS)/program context.
  4. Intervention delivery: elaborate the mode, frequency, and intensity of the mHealth intervention
  5. Intervention content: describe how the content was developed/identified and customized
  6. Usability testing: describe how the end-users of the system engaged in the development of the intervention.
  7. User feedback: describe user feedback about the intervention or user satisfaction with the intervention.
  8. Access of individual participants: mention barriers or facilitators to the adoption of the intervention among study participants.
  9. Cost assessment: present basic costs of the mHealth intervention
  10. Adoption inputs/program entry: describe how people are informed about the program or steps taken to support adoption
  11. Limitations for delivery at scale: present expected challenges for scaling up the intervention
  12. Contextual adaptability: describe appropriateness of the intervention to the context, and any possible adaptations
  13. Replicability: present adequate technical and content detail to support replicability.
  14. Data security: describe security and confidentiality protocols.
  15. Compliance to national guidelines or regulatory statutes.
  16. Fidelity of the intervention.

Are you an mHealth researcher? Tell us what you think of the mERA checklist and if you are planning to use it for your study in the comments below. If you have already used the mERA checklist in your research, please share your completed version on the CORE Resources Library.

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