Our CORE advisors are recognized local and national leaders representing key stakeholders in human research ethics, public health, information science and technology design who meet periodically to provide guidance and evaluate our progress.

National Advisors

David A. Borasky, Jr., MPH, CIP

Michelle De Mooy

Mary L. Gray, Ph.D.

Eric Hekler, Ph.D.

Elisa A. Hurley, Ph.D.

Paul Kelly, Ph.D.

Donna Spruijt-Metz, MFA, PhD

Ada Sue Selwitz, M.A.

Katie Shilton, Ph.D.

Bonnie Spring, Ph.D.

John Torous, MD

John Wilbanks

UC San Diego Network

Todd Coleman PhD

James Fowler, PhD

Marta Jankowska, PhD

Jacqueline Kerr, PhD, MSc

Anthony E. Magit, MD